Fresno State students issued car theft warnings

FRESNO, Calif.

Class is back in session at Fresno State and thieves are targeting campus parking lots.

In just one night - campus police say three Honda Civics were stolen.

"This week took us a little bit by surprise," said Lt. Lupe Shrum. "They were taken from the eastside of campus."

And within just a couple of days a Chevy pickup disappeared.

Lt. Lupe Shrum said, "We put notifications out to students to alert them to be aware."

In each case, officers say the student parked their car, headed to class and when they came back, the car was gone. The victims also shared one thing in common, each one left a personal belonging out in plain view.

"They left computers, books, purses. Things like that," said Lt. Lupe Shrum.

Since then, two of the cars have been recovered. And officers are now working with Fresno Police and highway patrol to locate the other two.

In the meantime, campus police are beefing up patrols around campus and educating students to take precautions.

"Students please lock your vehicles. Don't leave your windows down," said Lt. Lupe Shrum. "I know it's hot, but we also encourage you to get a club of some sort. Put it on your vehicle it acts as a deterrent. And please don't leave your valuables in the vehicle."

So far their message appears to be reaching the students.

Action News asked, "Is this something you think about on a daily basis when you come here?"

Christian Velazco, Fresno State student replied, "Yes, yes we do."

Action News asked, "Have you been broken into?"

Lynn Inthasone, Fresno State student replied, "No, I haven't. I make sure everything's not in my car and with me at all times."

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