Labor Day airline travel tips


Fees for checked baggage are forcing more people to just pack a carry-on to avoid those costs. So the battle for bin space is at an all time high.

Anyone who has flown over the last few years knows carry-on bags are at an all time high due to checked baggage fees. Never have so many people fought for so little space on our nation's packed planes.

There are some things you can do to make your ride a little more smooth. Here's a look at some new strategies.

Variances in boarding policies are changing how passengers chose their seats. In the past, many fliers fought to sit up front due to the "last-on / first-off theory." Now those sitting in the front find little overhead bin space since the passengers in the back already claimed it. So experts suggest choosing your seats wisely and packing smart.

Ask the airline in advance if there are any weight restrictions for carry-on bags. Also, avoid packing the outside pockets, so your bag can fit easily into an aircraft's storage space.

Roll your clothes or use vacuum sealed bags so it takes up less room and enables you to fit more in your suitcase. If you need a bulky clothing item like a sweater or a coat, wear or carry it, rather than packing it. And carry your suits on a hanger.

Here are a few other things to consider: Jet blue doesn't charge for the first bag. Southwest doesn't charge for the first two bags so the battle for bin space is less intense.

Airlines are now required to list all baggage fees and other policies on their websites, so check it in advance before you pack your bags and board the plane.

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