Mommies on Mission to help their community

EXETER, Calif.

When 3-year-old Sophia Acosta was killed back in May, people in this small town of /*Exeter*/ were heartbroken. Her death prompted three moms to band together and form a group to help others.

Raylene Veleta, Lana Worley and Lacey Reveles are three stay at home moms and close friends who were shocked and saddened when they heard a 3-year-old girl named Sophia Acosta was murdered. Police believed Acosta's mother's boyfriend, Christopher Cheary sexually abused and then killed her. Veleta, Worley and Reveles are also from Exeter.

Lacey Reveles said, "It was a shock like in itself just for it to have happened here so we wanted to do something where we could reach out."

Raylene Veleta said, "Just the child abuse and that nobody really you know nobody was out there to speak for her."

Inspired to help spread awareness about child abuse, the three moms formed "Mommies on Mission."

Reveles said, "You know that's when we decided we were going to be a group and we were going to help out in the community and so I believe first thing was making ribbons the child awareness ribbons and handing them out at the candle light vigil for her."

Then, this week, the moms were seen in Visalia at the Central California Blood Center. They were helping organize a blood drive for Casey Cox' 1-year-old daughter Lauryn. Lauryn needs a bone marrow transplant to survive leukemia.

Veleta said, "Us stay at home moms do a lot more can do a lot more than just be at home."

While the moms have a soft-spot for helping children, their ultimate goals are to help anyone in need in the Central Valley.

Reveles said, "Help anybody and everybody outreach within in our community and surrounding communities it's not one specific type of outreach."

The mommies' next mission will be to help out at a 9-11 memorial blood drive in Tulare, and then they'll be collecting toys and food for needy families this Christmas.

"Mommies on a Mission" is always looking for new members or volunteers.

Lacey Reveles (559) 471-8399
Lana Worley (559) 936-4643
Raylene Veleta (559) 362-2666

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