How schools are dealing with overcrowded classrooms

FRESNO, Calif.

Heather Logan said, "Everyday he would come and say, am I staying here mommy or am I going somewhere else? And everyday I had to say no, I have to find out."

About week ago Logan thought she was taking her son to first grade at Riverview Elementary. She'd been prepping him for the big day for weeks.

Logan said, "We talked it up, he was so excited, and then when we found out well this may not be your school he was kind of let down."

Her son is one of 200 kids in the Clovis Unified School District on an "impact list" this year.

"I thought everything was fine, they didn't say anything to me," said Logan. "We actually didn't even find out three days before school that he was impacted."

That impact list is the way that Clovis Unified copes with school overcrowding. Instead of hiring new teachers, the district is bussing kids to nearby schools. Heather's son is now bussed to Mountain View Elementary.

Kelly Avants said, "In the budget situation that school districts are existing in, in the state of California, we didn't feel like it was good stewardship to overstaff our schools"

This year enrollment at Clovis Unified went up about 400 students from last year.

The district says in order to ensure quality education on a tighter budget, they keep classes small.

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