Report: Praises and criticizes Airport security

FRESNO, California

That same report outlines what makes Americans vulnerable to future attacks, especially at airports.

The report said more sophisticated technology is needed to keep explosives from getting on airplanes.

Critics said the drastic measures taken since the terror attacks of 9/11 are working, just not well enough.

In the 9/11 commission's tenth anniversary report card the commission said the U.S. is not as safe as it could or should be.

Airline passenger screening, the report said, continue to be a success. But commissioners are not satisfied with advancements to TSA's explosives screening procedures.

"The TSA basically has an impossible job because they can't possibly block any and everything that comes their way. But they're doing a decent job," said Kent Scott, a local aviation expert.

Scott is a former aviation executive with more than 30 years of experience in the airline industry. He said despite the 9/11 commission's recommendations he's not concerned with terrorists getting on planes. "What I'm a lot more concerned about is what happens outside the airplane. For instance, the fuelers, people that put food on a plane, people who empty the lavs," Scott said.

Security changes over the past decade are constantly being met with sharp criticism. Before 9/11 screeners were employed by private businesses, now you're greeted by those TSA employees in blue.

Frequent flyer Susan Johnson said she remembers when security was minimal. Now she said she's stuck between the need for safety and privacy. "I'm all for safety, don't get me wrong," Johnson said. "Because I do fly, I want to be safe you know, but some extremes are too much and some I don't think they do enough for."

Officials at Fresno-Yosemite International Airport and the TSA said they weren't comfortable going on camera to talk about the report until they have had the chance to review it. They should be available to talk sometime next week.

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