Fresno State fans are ready to take over the Bay Area

FRESNO, Calif.

The 'dogs are already packed up, Friday morning the team loaded onto their busses for the road trip to Candlestick Park. And bulldog fans are not far behind.

"The Valley is going to invade the bar area," said Fresno State Alumnus Danny Santana. He will be at Saturday's season opener, so now he's stocking up on 'dogs gear.

Two game day t-shirts are flying off the shelves at the Bulldog Shop in Northeast Fresno. The first one is a tribute to coach Pat Hill's mustache.

"It'll probably be one of many different types of bulldog gear that I wear throughout the day," Santana said.

Store Manager Diane Brock said the 'Battle by the Bay' t-shirts had to be re-ordered three times. "They're not just buying t-shirts they're buying sweatshirts and hats and jackets because they're ready for cold weather over there too," Brock said.

Back on campus, the 'dogs video team proudly sports the 'Fear the Fu Manchu' shirts. Support staff and fans even jumped on the chance to snap some photos with Coach Hill himself, who just learned about the shirts. "I really didn't know much about it until yesterday," Hill said. "I've had this mustache quite a long time..."

Most fans will hit the road Saturday morning. And it's safe to say the Bay will be seeing red.

"Our fans have always been very supportive, especially when we're on the road to the Rose Bowl or to the Coliseum and no to Candlestick. Our fans, they love the bulldogs and they love to watch good competition," Hill said.

The game kicks off at 4pm Saturday.

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