Valley soldier gets big welcome home

FRESNO, Calif.

"I'm going all out because I haven't seen my son in 16 months. I'm sorry," said Anderson. "He's been gone in Afghanistan."

Along with a big contingent of friends and family, she got a dozen members of a local orchestra to help with the big welcome. And when she saw her son Justin coming down the terminal, she just couldn't wait. She ran, and jumped onto the soldier, who appeared to be at least 6'4" tall.

The 20 year old soldier was grateful his Mom and everybody else went to all the trouble.

"This is actually the most amazing welcome home party I've ever had in my life," said Black. "I am shocked honestly... but, that's what my family does."

Black joined the army shortly after graduating from Hoover High School in 2008. Based in Ft. Campbell Kentucky he's spent the past 12 months in Afghanistan. He is an infantryman in an air assault unit of the 101st Airborne Division. In harm's way every day.

"I mean if I had to put it into words how it is over there it's pretty much chaos. That's all I can say about that," said Black. "It's just chaos."

His Mom says she's feared for her son's safety the whole time he's been gone, but admires his service.

"It's a shock that these men, being their age they have to go through what they go through," said Anderson. "It's tough out there but I have to give him credit for doing it for his country that's why he's doing it."

But, he's ready to do it again. Justin is slated to spend 30 days home in Fresno, then he'll report back to Fort Campbell, and await reassignment.

Black said, "What my company is talking about is me deploying again, which I am really excited about to deploy again."

Action News asked, "Would he actually like to go back to Afghanistan?"

Black replied, "Yes, I would. I felt like I left with unfinished business over there and I'd like to finish it."

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