US Airways cancels direct Fresno-Vegas flights

FRESNO, California

US Air is cutting air service to and from Las Vegas from seven airports, including Fresno.

US Air offers only one nonstop flight to Las Vegas from Fresno. The flight at 7:30 in the evening takes a little over an hour. By the end of November this flight will be cancelled. Travelers we spoke with weren't worried about the loss.

Action News asked, "Will this cancellation have any impact on you?"

Lance Tripp replied, "No because Allegiant is way cheaper, I wanted to go through US Airways but they wanted like two hundred dollars while Allegiant was like 30 so it doesn't make a difference."

While US Air's one nonstop flight was quick, their other flights to Vegas through Phoenix require from 3 and a half to 6 hours of travel time. US Air is not a choice for frequent Vegas traveler Lance Horton of Bakersfield.

Lance Horton said, "No mostly just book through United, mostly for business too."

But Horton is worried the Us Air cancellation will make the United non-stops to Las Vegas even more crowded.

"Yeah the ones that I've been on have been during the week," said Horton. "So if one airline cuts flights, they could get more crowded, absolutely."

The managers of Fresno Yosemite International Airport were unable to tell us what the impact of US Airs reduced schedule will be on the airport.

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