Car drives into Central Fresno laundromat

FRESNO, Calif.

A car drove right through the front window of Sudz Laundry at Belmont and Fresno in Central Fresno.

Although nothing was stolen, the owner believes someone was attempting to steal money. He says, this isn't the first time his business has been targeted.

After receiving a call from his alarm company around 4 a.m. Sunday morning, Wayne Brack arrived at his Central Fresno laundromat to find a big mess.

"Nothing had been stolen, but the damage had been done," said Brack.

Brack believes something scared the thieves off, causing them to leave without taking the coin machine. He says, it holds between four and five thousand dollars in quarters. "It's a little bit at a time, but there's a lot of patrons who come in here, and it adds up."

Sunday is not the first time this laundromat has been hit. The owner says every two to three days, someone pries open the coin machines on the washers and dryers to try and steal the money inside. "They broke the boxes out of this one, the box out of that one."

Brack says the same type of crime is happening just as often at another laundromat he owns in Southeast Fresno. Surveillance footage was captured Saturday at that location. It shows one of Brack's employees confronting a nine-year-old boy, who he says was caught stealing.

"I'm getting very fed up."

Chau Huynh feels the same way. He owns the Central Fresno building and the auto body shop next door. According to Huynh, last month, someone drove a car through the shop's garage making off with thousands of dollars worth of tools.

Brack plans to improve security and hire a full time employee. Fresno Police believe whoever is responsible used a stolen vehicle. It was found abandoned in a nearby alleyway shortly after the incident with some damage and the keys still in the ignition.

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