Fresno Police take extra precautions after Molotov cocktail attack

FRESNO, Calif.

Investigators say someone threw three Molotov cocktails at the female officer's home in Northwest Fresno, starting two fires.

Chief Jerry Dyer is, taking this latest incident very seriously. And union officials are making sure of that -- in part, because this is the third attack involving the Fresno Police Department in less than three months.

Jacky Parks said, "This is really outside the norm of what most police officers deal with."

Parks serves as the president of the Police Officers Association. Since Sunday's incident, he's been in contact with Chief Jerry Dyer -- to ensure officers are taking extra precautions.

Jacky Parks said, "The real message to our officers is that they need to always be aware of their surroundings, don't take things for granted, don't be complacent."

Parks says what happened at the female officer's Northwest Fresno home is both concerning -- and rare. The seven year veteran had just returned to her home after her shift at the Southwest Fresno Police District. Thirty minutes later, police say someone threw three Molotov cocktails at the home -- while she, another woman, and three children slept inside.

Sunday, Chief Dyer told Action News about the possible connection to a recent arson attack.

Chief Jerry Dyer said, "We are looking into whether or not it's related to the arson that we had at the southwest policing district on August 17th."

In that incident, an arsonist set fire to a police truck and two personal cars. And back in July, someone threw a brick with a note attached through the front door of the Fresno Police Officers Association in the Tower District. That case is also still under investigation.

"One of the things that these incidents have shown the public is that our job is very dangerous and it's not just dangerous for us," said Parks. "It's dangerous for our families."

The department is still not sure if the female officer was targeted, specifically because she works for the police department.

At this point, extra safety measures are in place to protect her and her home -- but no arrests have been made.

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