Fresno boy with Down's syndrome shares spotlight with Eva Longoria

FRESNO, Calif.

It's hard for Jami De La Cerda not to get emotional when she's talking about her 5 year-old son, Elijah. "I think so many people look at our kids with disabilities and they don't realize the talents and potential they have," she says. Elijah and actress Eva Longoria are on the cover page of a 2011 Toys "R" Us Toy Guide. Longoria's sister, Lisa, also has special needs. The guide is available at stores nationwide. It provides families toy recommendations for children with special needs.

Elijah's big brothers, Isaiah and Samuel are thrilled. "It makes me feel proud for Elijah that he's a star," says Isaiah.

On the day we caught up with the family, Elijah was busy break dancing in the living room while his little brothers tried to keep up. He's energetic and his bright personality is what Toys "R" Us says helped him land the cover.

The family is proud their son is representing so many kids with disabilities but since he's such a natural, they may even consider a little modeling in the future.

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