Teen builds 9/11 tribute in Tulare

TULARE, Calif.

Josiah Lippincott was only 7-years-old when the September 11th attacks devastated our country but he still remembers watching the coverage on TV early in the morning.

Lippincott said, "And it was so momentous just that morning thinking 3,000 people have died and I don't think I quite grasped it that day but over time I've come to see how important that was in shaping how this country is today."

When it was time for Josiah to think up a community service project to become an Eagle Scout he knew what he wanted to do. After months of planning and construction Josiah's completed project stands in front of the Tulare Veteran's Memorial building.

Lippincott said, "The two towers it's such a symbol for that day and that was something I really wanted to represent and I started to think how can I make it simple enough that it can really appeal to people but still have that symbolism.

Josiah designed the towers to be asymmetrical. One is 9 feet, the other 11, to symbolize the numbers 9 and 11.

Josiah still has to install two plaques -- one for each tower. The first will honor those who died on September 11th and the second will honor those killed in the line of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Josiah's parents couldn't be more proud of him. They say even as young as third grade, he was reading the paper and commenting on international news.

Josiah's mother, Michelle Lippincott said, "I am moved just looking at the towers and I realized how many people lost their lives."

Josiah's father, Marc Lippincott said, "I think he's doing things that are beyond what I would have done as a young man."

On Sunday, city officials, local firefighters and veterans will gather in front of the Tulare Veteran's Memorial building for a special dedication ceremony for Josiah's memorial. Josiah hopes the project moves people as he reflects on what it means to earn the rank of Eagle Scout.

Lippincott said, "This isn't anywhere near New York but I think it still matters it still touches the heart of America and if I can do that one time with my Eagle project I feel that represents the spirit of what becoming an Eagle Scout is about."

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