9/12/2011 AM Live Ag Report

FRESNO, Calif.

State ag officials have been fighting Asia's Red Palm Weevil. An aggressive trapping program has begun for the South American Palm Weevil. Nine of the bugs were found in San Diego County.

The South American Palm Weevils are difficult to detect because they nest in the crown of the tree. The insect's larvae eat new growth, killing the tree.

The weevil has already killed trees in Mexico.

Lawmakers are pushing to stop the Food and Drug Administration from approving genetically engineered salmon. They say not enough is known about it and it could hurt fisheries in coastal states.

Genetically engineered salmon grow twice as fast as the conventional variety but it is not approved for sale on the market. The company that developed the fish has been trying to get F.D.A. approval for 15 years, but no genetically grown animal product has received government approval for human consumption.

Congressional opposition to the engineered fish is led by members of the Alaska delegation. They see the modified salmon as a threat to the state's wild salmon industry.

September marks California wine month.

The Wine Institute says events have been scheduled in numerous wine-growing regions. Governor Brown commended the wine business for its contributions to the state, as well as bringing nearly 21-million visitors to California each year.

California vineyards account for about 90 percent of the nation's wine production.

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