Local authorities take national terror threat seriously

FRESNO, Calif.

The terror threat warns of rental trucks being used to carry bombs. A Clovis businessman who used to rent U-Hauls says rental companies should be concerned. "I refuse to rent to this guy, he would act funny -- could be one of those terrorist," said Charlie Chanvisanuruk. Until recently, Chanvisanuruk had been renting the large vehicles out of his auto repair shop for 30 years. He says the rental process is easy for anyone.

"As long as they've got a proper ID, they can rent it. I have no way to tell which one's good, which ones rent for moving or rent for something bad," said Chanvisanuruk. After the September 11th attacks, he says he became more cautious about renting trucks to people who appeared suspicious. There were several instances where he refused to rent to customers because of odd behavior and alerted authorities. He says he'd like to see a more thorough background check before someone can rent a truck.

"A driver's license with all the information, updated information, where they come from. Where they work at, if they're working or not," Chanvisanuruk said.

"We have a little bit more heightened alert because of the weekend," said California Highway Patrol spokesman Axel Reyes. "But that's something we normally look for during our normal workdays."

Local CHP officers were briefed on yesterday's terror threat. They say even though it names New York and Washington, D.C. as potential targets, they're still taking the threat very seriously. "We have our folks, you know, with intelligence and certainly looking into those and working close with other government agencies and making sure we all stay properly communicated," Reyes said.

The CHP and other public safety officials remind everyone if they see anything suspicious, don't take any chances and report it immediately. "It's obviously better to be safe than sorry," said Reyes.

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