Rick Perry swings through the Central Valley

FRESNO, California

President Obama's jobs speech from Thursday night.

Governor Perry arrived in Downtown Fresno Friday night ready to raise money in the Central Valley. The republican front runner spent roughly 45 minutes talking to supporters. He defended his controversial remarks on social security saying if you're younger you won't see the benefit.

"I still think it's a Ponzi scheme and anybody who says social security for a young person your age 25-30 years old is going to be there is just not exhibiting any leadership. That's fear tactics." said Governor Perry.

A small but dedicated group of people paid 500 hundred to a thousand dollars each to hear Perry speak.

Cam Maloy of Fresno says she's impressed with what the Texas governor brings to the table.

"I think he's a breath of fresh air. And he's wonderful for the republican party. And I'm so happy that he came to visit us here in Fresno." said Maloy.

Perry hangs his political hat on the fact that he's the leader of a state that has created tens of thousands of jobs. So naturally the presidential hopeful criticized President Obama's jobs speech from Thursday.

"Basically it's a model that we followed in Texas. You keep the taxes as low as you can on the job creators. You have a regulatory climate that's fair and predictable and a legal system that doesn't allow for over suing. And government needs to get out of the way." said Perry.

And if Perry is allowed to lead the way in 2012, he says businesses and jobs will return to California and the Central Valley.

Governor Perry only took answered three questions from reporters.

Another republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney will be in Fresno September 17th for fundraising event.

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