Mitt Romney makes fundraising stop in Fresno

FRESNO, California

Mitt Romney arrived to a Northwest Fresno home early Saturday morning accompanied by Meg Whitman. Last year, she lost to Democrat, Jerry Brown in the California governor's race.

After making their way inside Romney greeted more than 300 people who each paid 500 dollars to eat breakfast and hear him speak.

Richard Evans said, "It was a great message. Encouragement. He's excited about the country. He loves America and that's what we need in a president."

Guests tell Action News Romney talked about the importance of free enterprise and putting people back to work.

The former Massachusetts governor spent years working in the private sector and often touts his role in creating thousands of jobs.

Jill Bechard said, "I thought his message was right on target. I'm a business woman, I run a credit union and we just need folks back there in Washington to understand that they've got to free up the business community and that's what he was talking about."

Romney left without answering our questions.

"Can I ask you a quick question before you take off? Can I ask you something quickly?"

He then made his way to another private fundraiser at Harris Construction in East Central Fresno. On his way out, he simply had this to say.

"How ya doing? Have a great day. Thanks!"

Romney's visit follows one made by another republican candidate, Rick Perry. He was in Fresno for a much smaller fundraiser last week.

ABC-30 political analyst Tony Capozzi says republican hopefuls will continue to fundraise in California even though they're not expected to win the state's popular vote.

"Any chance of a republican campaigning here, I think is not to be expected. They're gonna take the money and go back east." Fresno was not Romney's only stop Saturday. He also paid a brief visit to Bakersfield.

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