Clovis man helps victims after Reno plane crash

CLOVIS, Calif.

Cobb said he was so close to the crash, the shockwave from the impact threw him face first onto the floor of his box seats.

Days after the crash, Cobb still cannot believe he's alive. A pilot in training, with decades of experience in the Air National Guard, Cobb could tell something was wrong based on the Galloping Ghost's behavior over the grandstands moments before it crashed. He and other witnesses said even though the pilot was in trouble they could tell he was trying to avoid the crowd.

"I could see that he was probably trying to pull it away from there. At that point, the nose went down and he just went… trying to get out of the dive or get away from people," Cobb said.

His eyes were still wide with fright as he thought back to the seconds before the plane hit the ground. "I'm down there on the other end and I'm looking straight up and watching his airplane coming straight down at me," he said.

He was only left with a few scratches after the impact. A career paramedic, Cobb jumped into action treating the injured once he realized he was okay.

"I've gone to some large disasters in my time as a paramedic, but not as large as this," he said.

Now that he's back home in the Valley, Cobb looks at his clothes and camera which are still splattered with debris from the impact.

He said he survived the crash for a reason; so he could help others live through this terrifying incident.

Cobb has been to the Reno Air Races the past five years. He said he will continue to go to air races and air shows, because this incident he says was just a freak accident.

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