Celebrity stylist offers bang-cutting tips

FRESNO, Calif.

If you've ever tried to cut your own bangs, you know it can be a catastrophe.

If only we had a few cutting skills, we could cut down on our salon time and bills. Celebrity hairstylist Trey Gillen says cutting bangs can be easier than you think.

"The key to success is... It's not what you take off; it's what you leave on," Gillen said.

Start with a pair of small scissors. Smaller scissors mean smaller mistakes.

Pin back any hair you don't want to include and divide your bangs into 3 sections and start with the section you want to be the shortest.

Hold your fingers where you want your bangs to end and cut below the fingers. Never cut horizontally. Cut vertically or at a slight angle using small snips.

You're not going to look in the mirror. You're going to look in your hand.

And just a few snip, snips later, you're done!

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