Former police auditor responds in dispute with city

FRESNO, Calif.

The Fresno City Council and the City Manager say a full report from Eddie Aubrey was never completed before he left his position.

Eddie Aubrey is now living in Los Angeles, looking for work. He says he turned in his final report back in April, two months before he left Fresno.

However, the city though disagrees on whether his job was finished.

"In my mind the report was complete. It was submitted. I had a Powerpoint presentation ready to present to city council in May," Aubrey said by phone.

Eddie Aubrey sent a letter to the Fresno City Council and City Manager to address what he called "misinformation and discrepancies that have been publicly stated."

Council members last week said a report from the office of independent review was never finished.

The former police auditor disputes that claim and wonders why the report still hasn't been made public.

City Manager Mark Scott was not available for an interview but said Aubrey provided a "draft public report."

Scott added, "although the report is late, and there are still elements that require completion, it is our intention to complete it and submit it publicly as soon as possible."

Aubrey hopes to soon meet with Mark Scott to get the report finalized.

Eddie Aubrey was hired as the city's police auditor in 2009 but left 19 months later because of budget cuts.

The City of Fresno still hopes to bring back the police auditor position in the future when funds become available.

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