Orosi man arrested for stalking children at bus stops


She said: "There was this guy in this reddish orangish car, he looked Mexican-Latino, and he would ask girls if they wanted a ride and we said 'no' because we didn't want to get harmed or anything, But he kept on passing a lot, but we told the bus driver because we didn't want to get harmed or anything."

The bus driver called the authorities and deputies spotted the suspects' vehicle about a mile away. He was taken into custody.

The girl, who's name we are not revealing, told Action News she identified the suspect for deputies. She said, "And then they caught him. So I went to the police station and I asked the guy if I could see him to see if it was that guy and it was. And they caught him so no one's going to get harmed no more."

The suspect is identified as Juan Delacruz Nemecio. He's 24-years-old and from the Orosi area. He's charged under California Penal Code 646.9a, "Stalking." There's no indication he had any physical contact with the girls, but he is in custody. Sheriff's Department spokesperson Chris Douglass told Action News:

"You can annoy children and that can be from a variety of different means verbal or physical and it doesn't have to be specifically touching and children need to know that adults should not be doing certain types of behaviors even if it's not touching."

Parents in the Cutler-Orosi area are being asked to talk with their children to see if they have also been approached by the suspect. He was driving an orange Chevrolet SUV.

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