Retailer releases annual "hot toys" list

FRESNO, Calif.

Toys "R" Us has released its annual holiday hot toys list, and there's something for every age and every budget.

This year, what's old is new again.

This time, Elmo doesn't want you to tickle him, he wants you to rock with him. The instrument-playing Let's Rock Elmo for the preschool set is $70-dollars.

A lot of kids these days are imitating their parents love for high-tech gadgets.

That's where the $100 Leapfrog tablet - comes in - with a built in camera and several apps you can download.

"That's the same as our tablets we use, now a two-year-old can use the tablet," Kristy Farley of Toys "R" Us said.

From your smartphone to the toy store: Angry Bird plush dolls are flying off store shelves, at the rate of a million a month. At $10 a piece, the video game-inspired characters are sure to soar to the top of both parents and kids lists.

Young girls love Lalaloopsy Silly Hair dolls. They're $35.

But if she's more into spooky than sweet, the popular Monster High Dolls Fearleading 3-pack is $43.

The boy's perennial favorite Nerf is out with a new $18 vortex disc blaster, which can launch discs up to 50-feet.

Toys "R" Us is also seeing a lot of early buzz over Air Swimmers, helium-filled, radio-controlled flying fish that go for $50.

Farley says the best advice she can give is to start looking for gifts as early as possible

"I say start shopping now," she said. "There's always great promotions and we'll know, we'll have an idea what the kids will be wanting, so why not get it now."

If you take that approach, she says, your holiday shopping should go swimmingly.

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