Series of burglaries has foothill residents nervous

FRESNO, Calif.

The latest burglary occurred at the home of Sierra High Basketball Coach Anthony Patino.

"They came in through the Bay Window here, Just pulled the screen off stepped in through here," Patino explained.

Patino said the thieves ignored a computer and other valuables on the table and went straight for the bedroom where they took all of his wife's jewelry.

"The top drawer of her nightstand had all of her jewelry. The tray was out on the ground empty," he said.

Patino says the loss was significant but the worst was the loss of sentimenal items including his championship rings from last year's winning season.

"They do mean a lot to me," Patino said. He's left only with a printout of the rings' design.

Sheriff's deputies arrested four people following a traffic stop Wednesday night. Deputy Chris Curtis says authorities believe they may be connected to the latest break-in and some others in the neighborhood.

"Since August 1st we've had five burglaries in the Burroughs Valley area and the arrests last night solved two of them, one in the Burroughs Valley and one in Tollhouse. So, we've got these four people for those two burglaries and we're checking them out to see if there's any similar MO's s or anything," Curtis said.

The Sheriff's Department hasn't revealed what was taken in the other break-ins. The suspects are three males and one female in their late teens and early 20's. Patino says the burglaries have been a wakeup call to folks liking in this quiet area.

"Because everybody who lives up here very rarely we see anybody who locks their cars or their homes, nobody locks anything," he said.

The suspects in custody are identified as Lonny Taylor, Kyle Taylor, and Jeffrey Blackwell.

They face charges of burglary along with drug and weapons possession. A woman, Laura Marie Ferguson, is charged with possession of stolen property. All are believed to be from Tollhouse and Clovis.

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