US Marshals, Fresno authorities surprise sex offenders

FRESNO, Calif.

US Marshals, Fresno Police and sheriff's deputies fanned out to check in on the 1,600-plus sex offenders who live in Fresno County.

On Tuesday authorities revealed the coordinated effort resulted in 53 arrests. Most of them on outstanding warrants but six were arrested on new charges.

/*US Marshal Albert Najera*/ said, "The important part is that there's at least 1,500 registered sex offenders out there that are now looking over their shoulder."

Najera said the operation helped verify the addresses of 1543 registered sex offenders. Authorities believed the stepped up presence will make it less likely offenders will commit more sex crimes.

/*Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer*/ said, "It takes away their anonymity and it causes them to know they are being watched not only by the Fresno police department but other law enforcement agencies including state and federal partners."

Chief Dyer said 320 sex offenders in Fresno wear GPS monitors. But authorities weren't able to contact 192 offenders during the operation.

Najera explained, "We just didn't get them in these eight days. But for those out there we're coming to see you in the next couple of months."

Dyer added, "We want to keep them compliant and we want to know where they're at all times."

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