Fresno PD car arson investigation goes online

FRESNO, Calif.

The investigation into these badly burned vehicles is taking place, in large part, on the internet. Court documents obtained by Action News show police found a severely burned 40-ounce beer bottle with the smell of gasoline right next to a burned pickup truck.

Investigators believe arsonists tossed Molotov Cocktails into the parking lot of the southwest police substation, damaging three vehicles.

Arson experts are taking their time looking into the crime. But news of the fires spread almost as quickly as the flames. Within an hour, the story was online. But not on any traditional news organization's website. Investigators found a blog post on the website, apparently taking credit for the firebombing.

It says, "In solidarity with everyone fighting against police brutality and the police state, Molotovs were thrown into the parking lot of the Fresno SW substation where police cars and pigs' personal vehicles are parked. This action is done in solidarity, especially with those in the East Bay standing up against the murderous BART police who most recently executed Charles Hill."

The author of the post is listed as Hill, who was shot and killed during a confrontation in July. A search warrant shows investigators are trying to identify the real author -- checking records at the company hosting indybay's website. Investigators believe the author either committed the crime or knows who did. And they could wrap up two cases with this one lead.

Police Chief Jerry Dyer says the substation attack may be related to a pair of arson fires at an officer's home two weeks later. The female officer worked at the substation that was attacked.

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