Buds 4 Life may reopen in Tarpey Village

FRESNO, Calif.

The owners say Buds 4 Life has been nothing but a headache for them and the neighbors here. Especially after this collective closed down back in June for violating state and federal law.

The renovation process started Wednesday morning as two men took items out of a pick up into the buds for life collective. A brand new sign showing the old name could be seen posted on the wall.

Employees did not want to talk on camera but tell Action News plans to re-open the once closed down collective are in the works.

Charles Erickson said, "My gut reaction is that it's very upsetting."

Erickson runs a medical marijuana dispensary just down the street. He and a group of other collectives don't want the Buds 4 Life to re-open because they claim the owner previously allowed people to loiter causing traffic and safety problems for residential neighbors.

"We can't have people over there smoking, hanging out. We can't have an image behind this like that. It's just not appropriate. No we don't want to have any part of this." said Erickson.

But a Buds 4 Life employee says that's no longer the case. They've installed new metal bars covering windows. Surveillance cameras will be added too. And in response to the neighborhood complaints the collective will offer delivery service and drive up service.

The drive up service allows people to stay in their cars get their medicine and drive away without hanging around.

Fresno County supervisor Henry Perea is appalled.

"It's even more ridiculous now. They're going to do a Drive-Thru for marijuana in this town. They're going to deliver for home delivery. I mean they're getting beyond ridiculous at this point and as far as I'm concerned they don't have a right to be open and do what they want to do." said Perea.

Perea is referring to a county ordinance that requires new collectives must be in an industrial zone. Tarpey Village is not in that designated area.

Erickson's group is trying to create legislation that would allow them to stay where they are as long as they adhere to strict guidelines.

"We're on a new movement right now where we're writing our own initiative. We're going to look for public and community support for those dispensaries that are operating properly. said Brenda Linder.

Their attorney Brenda Linder says buds for life could potentially crush their hopes of any possible deal between them and the county.

Perea is in talks with the Sheriff's department to stop the re-opening from taking place on Friday.

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