Virgin Mary appears outside a Sanger liquor store?

SANGER, Calif.

"Word is they see the image of the Virgin Mary, however only at night," said Santiago Aguilar in a video he posted on YouTube. Santiago took nighttime video of the wall where you can see what appears to be an oval shape reflection coming from the light post. But is it an image of the Virgin Mary?

"I didn't seem to see anything just about a bright, shining light. It could have been from the camera or the light that's just above the wall," said Melissa of Sanger.

But Catholics we showed the video to say the so-called "appearance" is somewhat miraculous. "She's trying to tell us something, she's trying to tell us 'believe in me' because something is coming," said Mona Sanchez.

"The part that I thought I saw was from her rope, that was right here, and the rest turned into like black," said Gloria Perez-Gomez.

In a town of many Catholics, believers say the image they see of the Virgin Mary is much like a mural outside a church in Sanger. But even non-believers were hoping to see a glimpse on the side of the liquor store.

"I was kind of hoping to see if I did see that but I didn't see anything so it's kind of a disappointment," said Melissa.

And the Valley is no Stranger to holy apparitions. In 2005, dozens of people flocked to Merced to witness what many say was the image of the Virgin Mary on the side of a tree. And although this "appearance" hasn't received that much attention, it has received coverage in the town newspaper.

"I don't think it's anything, but I don't know. People tell us, so many, I believe it maybe later," said Bob Randhawa, the liquor store owner.

Randhawa has no idea why the Virgin Mary would appear on the side of his store but he's not complaining if it draws more business.

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