Fresno VA hospital installs patient lifting system

FRESNO, Calif.

A fully motorized lift system was installed in each room to provide easier mobility. The way it works is the patient rests on a mat, then the nurse hooks each piece on the device, then a remote is used to lift the patient.

Several nurses are no longer needed to lift patients by hand.

The patients and staff seemed happy with the new system.

"Its safer. We've had a lot of lifting injuries on our nursing staff and so more important than speed of doing things, I think its more the safety and our injury rates will go down," said Clinical Instructor Carmen Scruggs.

"I felt there's a lot lower of a chance of a patent being dropped. I felt very secure," said patient John Giumarra.

The lift system is part of the hospitals "Safe Patient Handling Day" as they continue to work towards a safer hospital.

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