Crooks target Tulare youth league


The league is out about five thousand dollars in equipment. The gates on this campus are locked overnight, so league officials think the thieves cut through the fence to get in. They say it looked as though a car drove up to the two trailers, both of which were broken into.

Eric Quinones says he noticed the equipment missing Saturday morning as he set up for the day's football games. He says generators to run the snack bar, the league's sound system, and the components to run the scoreboard are all gone. But items like the scoreboard itself are still in the trailers.

The theft makes things financially challenging for the league since it runs the snack bar to help bring in operating costs. The Tulare Youth Athletic Association says they're disappointed about the break-ins because they use all of the now missing equipment to make their games special for their young players.

"The biggest thing is just the letdown, like why us," said Eric Quinonez. "We're a youth organization. Of course, they probably don't know that, they just think it's material stuff they're trying to steal for no reason."

The league currently has about 300 kids from ages 6 to 14 playing on several different tackle football teams this season.

The league says some people have already come forward to help replace some of the stolen items, at least temporarily.

Monday they're also going to check the league's insurance policy to see if there is any theft coverage to help replace what was stolen.

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