Big Fresno Fair gives Action News a sneak peak

FRESNO, California

Employees are working around the clock to ensure that the new attractions at the Big Fresno Fair are completed before opening day.

A huge tree house is the latest and greatest creation, featuring a 17 foot high bridge that connects to an existing tree house. It'll also house water and wildlife from Fresno County never seen before at the fair.

Laurie King, /*Big Fresno Fair*/ Deputy Manager said, "New in the water tree is a 22 hundred gallon fish tank that will have indigenous fish to Fresno County. We'll have some turtles in there so it'll be really neat. And it is all about Fresno County and what we have here."

Kids who love rides will have a place to call their own this year, with the addition of "kiddie land" located inside the horse race track. More than 20 of them will be placed at the old parking lot on the lawn.

"Something else that's new this year is the cattleman's mural and exhibit at the entrance to the livestock pavilion. And of course everyone will be talking about the weather. Rain could be coming the first two days but fair officials are making sure no events are being canceled."

Fair CEO John Alkire says all outdoor events including Wednesday's opening ceremony can be moved indoors if necessary because of rain.

"We also have our Japanese memorial that's being dedicated at 12:45 -- so we're ready to go," said Alkire. "If it rains and hits us hard we're going to move into the Yosemite station. A covered area really nice aesthetically. So we'll be ready to go."

So rain or shine, the Big Fresno Fair is expected to go on without a hitch.

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