Valley preparing for first storm of the season

FRESNO, Calif.

Crews from the City of Fresno are making sure the city is ready for the first storm of the season. They're paying especially close attention to underpasses throughout the city, which can be prone to flooding.

"We're checking out hot spot areas, particularly the street underpasses, ensuring that our pumps are working correctly and the storm drain inlets are clear," said Fresno Public Works Director Patrick Weimiller.

Weimiller said crews are also checking out storm drains in neighborhoods across Fresno.

"People can help out even in their neighborhood by going out and checking making sure they're clear of leaves or other debris that might be there. That's the biggest thing people can do to help us -- is just checking at the curb line in front of their house," said Weimiller.

Road conditions are another concern. The Fresno's Emergency Preparedness Officer Sean Johnson is encouraging people to carry chains in mountain areas and asking everyone to use caution. "When the rains come, we have oil buildup so the roads can be extra slick and slippery. So now that that the winter storm's upon us just take the extra time to be cautious and prepare yourself," said Johnson.

Public Works Director Weimiller said the second part of the city's storm coverage begins when the rain starts. That's when crews will be out and about once again, making sure the drains are working properly.

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