South Valley twin wrestlers gain international reputation

FRESNO, Calif.

But a standout pair of twins from Kingsburg has already taken a hold of the sport at the international level, with Olympic aspirations down the road.

Standing four feet, 10 inches tall, and weighing all of 90 pounds, twin sisters Marina and Regina Doi of Kingsburg don't look too intimidating.

"They're really nice girls," Marina and Regina's wrestling coach, Isaac Pumarejo, said. "They're really respectful. They want to help other kids. They know it's important to get back and coach."

But then they put their game faces on and the petite young women transform into world-class wrestlers right before your eyes.

"We went from winning little regional tournaments around when we were unknown. And now we're competing for the U.S. It's really cool to do that," Marina said.

"I don't even know how many tournaments we've been to but we've been to a lot," Regina said.

One look at the 15-year-old sophomores' trophy and medal haul confirms Regina's understatement.

Over the summer, twin sister Marina won the 88-pound Pan American Cadet Championships in Mexico and then finished second Freestyle Cadet World Championships in Hungary.

"That's the biggest tournament I've ever wrestled," Marina said. "I took second over there but still, it's pretty cool that I took second in the world."

And last year, as a freshman, Regina won the first CIF state title in girls' wrestling as the 98 pound champion.

The girls have never shied away from wrestling against boys. In fact, they're used to it, and they say that some of their best tournament wins have come against male competition.

And the successes don't end on the wrestling mat.

The Dois carry twin 4.0 GPAs and have aspirations of attending college on a wrestling scholarships.

They're also looking to compete in the Rio De Janeiro Olympics of 2016.

Just the kind of double vision our Valley needs, representing it on the national and world stage.

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