Delhi burglary report leads to child porn arrest

DELHI, Calif.

A Delhi man has been arrested for possessing thousands of images of child pornography -- just weeks after reporting the CD's missing from his own home.

Kraig Stockard, 54, was arrested Monday morning at a home on the 13000 block of El Capitan Way in Merced County.

Sheriff's Deputies say two teenagers admitted to breaking into Stockard's barn and stealing what they thought was a box of blank cd's.

"Took them home, asked a family member to put music on them. The family member put the cd's in the computer and discovered it was full," said Tom MacKenzie with the Merced County Sheriff's Department. The CD's were full of thousands of child pornography images -- some with children under the age of five.

The suspects mother than urged the 19 and 17 year olds to contact authorities and admit what they had done. Deputies discovered 30 of the 50 CD's contained child pornography. Three other computers and laptops were seized from Stockard's home.

Stockard has been booked on possession of child pornography and he posted $25,000 bail. Authorities have not said if the teens will face any charges. So far, they have not been arrested.

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