Occupy Fresno looks to end "corporate greed"

FRESNO, Calif.

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The protesters are upset over unemployment, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and their biggest gripe is what they call corporate greed.

Those taking part in the "Occupy Fresno" and "Occupy Central California" movements say they're calling for an end to corporate dominance. The protestors say they represent the "99 percent of the country" at a disadvantage.

Many of the protestors say the way large corporations are run is having a trickle-down effect on the Central Valley.

"The tuition is going up, foreclosures are happening every day, and unemployment in the Valley is high. Those are the effect of corporation controlling everything," said Dan Yaseem of Fresno.

"I think it needs to be on the street, but also our votes do matter -- and spreading it through the Internet," said Jeremy Short of Fresno.

The protestors also say they stand in solidarity with those protesting in other cities.

Pros tests like this one in Fresno have spawned off the "Occupy Wall Street" movement. That movement began 20 days ago on Wall Street in New York City.

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