High Speed Rail plan worries Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

The shop is located in an industrial area along Golden State Boulevard, which is slated to become railroad tracks. The owner of Commercial Neon, Jeff Tanielian is worried.

"Then they'll put Golden State right where we're standing and then halfway through our building."

As planned the trains route through Fresno could impact some 4 hundred businesses, and cause some real disruptions.

Assistant Public Works Director Scott Mozier is urging the authority to drop its plans for overpasses to span the tracks. He explained the overpasses cause problems.

"Just the potential for blight, visual obstructions, cutting off neighborhoods cutting off businesses."

The city believes underpasses will be a better choice.

"We simply cannot close streets like Shaw, Ashlan, Clinton they are just too critical." Mozier said.

The city and others with concerns about the route through Fresno has just one more week until October 13th to submit comments on the High Speed Rail Authority's environmental impact report through Fresno.

When Mozier outlined some of his departments concerns to the Fresno City Council, even council members like Oliver Baines, who have endorsed the project expressed concern.

"I am generally a supporter of the High Speed Rail project but to see firsthand the impact is massive and certainly in my opinion gave me reason to pause."

The High Speed Rail Authority says it is ready to work with property owners and cities all along the route but with construction expected to start at Fresno and G streets in Downtown Fresno in less than a year there's already concern High Speed Rail is moving too fast.

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