Police open fire after a man aims car at an officer in SE Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

The shooting happened just before 8pm Thursday, at a home on Huntington near Lind in Southeast Fresno.

Police said an intoxicated man drove his car right toward an officer, who fired a shot at the car.

No one was hit by the bullet, but the suspect did crash his car. Police said he actually wedged it between two RV's parked in a shed behind the home.

Officers were out at the home investigating a domestic restraining order violation when Fresno Police said the man who violated the restraining order aimed his speeding car right at an officer.

"We had got out of the car and the next thing you know we heard pow, pop," said neighbor Cindy Duren.

Fresno Police arrested a 48-year-old man Thursday night after they said he tried to run down an officer with his car.

"Our officer sidestepped the speeding vehicle and fired one round into it as it went by. Our officer fired fearing for his safety and fearing for the safety of the woman he was speaking with," said Fresno Police Lieutenant Anthony Martinez.

That woman originally called police to say the man violated a restraining order she has against him. Police said the man they arrested was extremely intoxicated.

"We don't know if it was him intentionally doing some of this or just how much of this was the intoxication," Martinez said.

Police said the drunken suspect did gesture toward the officers trying to initiate a confrontation. "He stood on the trunk [of his car] and kept making furtive movements towards his back as if he was reaching for something," Martinez said. "We believe that he was actually trying to instigate our officers to fire at him." Police said the officers did not shoot again.

Duren said she's upset to see something like this unfold right near her home. "I should feel safer in my own neighborhood," she said.

No one other than the suspect was injured; his name has not yet been released. Neither is the relationship the suspect has with the woman who first called police.

Investigators said the suspect does have a history of domestic violence.

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