CHP conducts random inspections on HWY 99

FRESNO, Calif.

Officers randomly stopped the busses on Highway 99 to make sure they're safe for passengers.

Friday culminated a two-week random inspection of carrier buses traveling through Selma and Kingsburg off Highway 99.

The California Highway Patrol received a $45 thousand grant to check buses for safety violations and this is the first time officers are performing the inspections just off the highway.

Officer Hector Madrigal, California Highway Patrol said, "Increase their safety and awareness of the tour bus industry not only tour buses but also any bus that transports passengers."

Some buses missed or ignored the CHP's signs to turn off for the inspection, and were quickly rerouted. A Classic Charters bus was headed out of Visalia to the Bay Area. But the passengers and the driver didn't mind stopping for the random check.

Sharon Ingram, bus passenger said, "I do love that idea that is really helping us all to be safe and it looks out for everyone on the highway."

Rick Worrell, bus driver said, "I think the inspection is a fabulous idea mainly because of the safety of all the other cars that are out there other buses other truckers as well."

Rick Worrell checked out just fine and was not cited. Other buses weren't so lucky. A Gold Coast Tours bus received a written warning for a broken windshield wiper. Another-received a ticket for several lights out. And earlier Friday morning a bus was taken out of service for failing to have brake lights.

Officers are also checking drivers' logs to make sure they're not going over their 10-hour limit.

Officer Madrigal said, "Most of the national the accidents that happen throughout the nation have been related to driver fatigue."

The CHP inspected 30 buses and found 28 violations. Most of the violations were minor, but expect to see another one these random bus inspections off Highway 99 over the course of the next year.

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