Calif teens banned from tanning beds


The owner of Monaco tanning in Visalia said teenage tanners only make up about 10-percent of her business. Yuri Temmerman owns Monaco Tanning in Visalia. She says most of her clients are adults, still some teenagers like to come in to tan every once in a while.

Temmerman isn't sure California's new law banning minors from using a tanning salon is a good idea. "I'm not thrilled about the law but I don't actually foresee it affecting us too much. The majority of our clients are over 18."

On Sunday Governor Brown signed SB-746 into law, making it illegal for teenagers ages 15 to 17 from using tanning beds. Current law allows teenagers as young as 15 to tan as long as they have parental permission.

In a statement, the American Dermatology Association gave high praise to the new legislation. "Melanoma incidence rates have been increasing for the last 30 years.... We pushed for this legislation in the hopes of stemming that rise and encouraging other states to follow California's lead." The statement went on to say, "This legislation is a cornerstone step to protect young women from the onset of melanoma that is correlated with their use of indoor tanning beds."

Customers of Monaco Tanning think the law is unfair because teenagers don't tend to overuse tanning beds.

"I don't really agree with it because when I was in high school I would go tanning for proms and stuff so I think I would disagree," said tanning salon customer Christina Thomas.

"Tanning is a risk obviously, but so is being in the sun and sun exposure. People generally -- if they're outside they get the UVA rays and the UVB rays outside, and if they tan they're out there for several hours and a lot of people get burned." said Temmerman.

The new law goes into effect on January 1st.

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