Visalia teen is on a mission to stop child abuse


Erin Fisher is a soft-spoken sophomore at Redwood High School in Visalia. But don't let her quiet voice fool you. The 15-year-old is taking on a big message: stop child abuse and neglect.

Erin was witness to child abuse in second grade. Even at such a young age -- it was clear to her that one of her best friends suffered from neglect.

Fisher said, "She would come to school in winter in t-shirts and shorts because she had to share clothes with her sister."

When she entered high school, Erin knew this was her time to make a difference. Tulare County Child Abuse Prevention Council Coordinator Billie Shawl remembers when Erin walked into her office last spring.

Billie Shawl said, "Obviously, she's an angel and she has more consciousness than many adults do that this is an issue and needs some attention."

Erin told Billie she wanted to help spread their message. After several meetings the two decided a student should design a t-shirt. The t-shirt's message would bring awareness and the sales would provide funding for the Child Abuse Prevention Council. Erin sells the t-shirts at lunchtime at Redwood High.

Fisher said, "I'm hoping they're going to see this and they won't to this to their kids when they have them eventually."

On this particular week, Erin sold the t-shirts for ten dollars with a special incentive.

Fisher said, "We're selling them so that kids can buy them and then when they buy them they get in free to a home football game this week."

More than one-hundred people were wearing them at the game that night.

So far, Erin has raised more than $3,500 for child abuse awareness. The Tulare County Child Abuse Prevention Council says that money will greatly help them spread their message.

Fisher said, "I 'm hoping that people are going to be more aware of it and if they suspect it that theyre going to report it

Erin, an amazing kid spreading a powerful message she hopes changes lives.

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