Oct. 12 - AM Live Ag Report

FRESNO, Calif.

The new law tightens the definitions of different quality olive oils, such as "virgin" and "extra virgin," so they conform with federal standards .

The label is a big deal for olive oil producers. They say the state's "extra virgin" oil is unable to compete against lower-priced and sometimes lesser quality imports. Studies last year found 73 percent of the five best-selling imported "extra virgin" olive oils failed to meet International Olive Council Standards.

Tulare County citrus growers could be selling more fruit to South Korea.

Congress is considering a new trade agreement that would dramatically reduce tariffs on fruit.

Right now, oranges arrive in South Korea with a 50-percent import tariff. But under a new agreement, tariffs would drop immediately on some commodities and extend over a seven-year period.

Bob Blakely with California Citrus Mutual, said lower tariffs could mean more exports to South Korea.

The federal government is buying a lot of pistachios.

Pistachios will be included for the first time for people who take part in federal food programs. The American Pistachio Growers Organization announced the Agriculture Department will buy more than 6 million pounds of pistachios. They'll be distributed through its food nutrition assistance programs.

The growers group said pistachios represent a plant-based source of protein and provide other nutrients, including fiber and potassium.

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