Possible Facebook cyber bullying in Clovis

FRESNO, Calif.

Both agencies agree the laws governing online content are still catching up with the technology, but say - when it comes to kids - there are some things you can do to keep them cyber-safe.

"John Clovis" and "Clovis Trash" -- two pages that recently popped up on Facebook - that appear to target teens and former students at Clovis and Buchanan High Schools.

The posts include foul language, nude and partially nude photographs and personal attacks on a person - using their full name.

Clovis Police Corporal Vince Weibert calls it cyber bullying - or the use of the internet, cell phone or other related technology to harm other people, in a deliberate and hostile manner.

Weibert said, "There are certain things that can rise to the level of being a crime under California state law and at that point law enforcement can take action on, investigate on, make an arrest on."

If it doesn't rise to that level - he says - schools have policies in place to put an end to the online attacks.

Weibert said, "If it is harassment or bullying the school can take action and potentially up to the point of expelling the student."

Governor Jerry Brown recently signed a bullying bill called Seth's law. The legislation is designed to ensure all campuses have clear and consistent policies, better training and clearer guidelines for teachers and administrators - and shorter timelines for investigating claims. Something this Clovis grandmother agrees with.

"I believe in freedom of speech and all that, but there has to be a way to protect the kids."

Brown also signed a bill into law allowing students who have been bullied to transfer districts.

The Clovis Unified says it didn't know about the Facebook pages. It is now investigating whether the pages were started by its students and whether the district has the authority to intervene.

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