Red Wave excited for Bulldogs win over Utah

FRESNO, Calif.

There were nothing but cheers from the red wave in the fourth quarter. Some fans say it's about time the Dogs pick up a win, but more importantly, they say the team still needs to work hard to win the WAC title.

The Bulldogs picked up two touchdowns in the fourth quarter, sending the red wave into a roaring frenzy.

Despite it being homecoming, fans showed up in much smaller numbers. Through all the excitement of late-game win, one fan still thinks the 'Dogs need a new alpha male.

"Pat hill has to go."

Many fans have criticized Hill as he took the team into the homecoming game with a 2-4 season. But other self-professed die-hard fans say Hill is right where he should be.

"I'm a fan, a great fan of Pat Hill. You'll never get anybody to do what Pat does for this program," said Michael Davis of Visalia.

Either way, hill's team is now 3-4, and some hope the win over Utah State will turn the 'Dogs season around.

It was a much different end to the game than the last two home games. Some fans still left early, but with smiles on their faces.

The Bulldogs are away next week against Nevada. Their next home game is November 5th against Louisiana Tech.

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