2 children injured in Fresno Co bus crash

FRESNO, Calif.

It happened around 8:30 this morning at Grantland and McKinley in Fresno County. Neighbors said it's a dangerous intersection that's been a problem spot for years.

The intersection where the crash occurred has a two way stop on a rural county road.

Neighbors said collisions happen here too often and a school bus carrying kids was bound to get hit. "This intersection is really bad - maybe one a month."

Ruth Rapp has lived in the home at the corner of Grantland and McKinley for nearly 30 years. She insists the intersection is dangerous -- pointing to crosses in her front yard that were set to honor the people who have died in crashes. "In order to keep them from going into the house, we slowly put rocks up 5 feet apart so the cars couldn't go through into the house," said Rapp.

Monday morning she and her neighbors were awakened by the sound of another collision. "Everyone hears the noise and we come out to see what happened next. It happens all the time," said neighbor Cody Pewit.

This time, the C.H.P. said the driver of an S.U.V. ran a stop sign while heading North on Grantland. At the same time, a Central Unified school bus was traveling West on McKinley taking nine students to Roosevelt and Harvest elementary schools.

Officers say the driver smashed into the left front end of the bus and then swung back around and hit it for a second time towards the center on the driver's side.

"Yeah, it was wiggling, going side to side, but she controlled it," said witness Jovita Hernandez.

Two students, as well as both the driver of the S.U.V. and the school bus, were taken to nearby hospitals with minor injuries.

Neighbors want the county to improve safety at the intersection.

"A 4-way would be best, but I noticed on Shaw they've got the flashing lights at the stop signs. Every intersection in this area should have those red lights," said Rapp, "There's more people die here than on Shaw by far." :

Officers said the driver admitted to running the stop sign. There is no word yet on whether she'll face any charges.

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