Victim's family lashes out at killer in court

FRESNO, Calif.

Pauline Rangel's emotional family members expected the drunk driver to get a life sentence Monday, but they'll have to wait for their justice.

Ivan Camargo's sentencing was postponed until December to give his attorney time to make her case that he deserves a new trial. But Monday, his victim's family members got to tell him what they think he deserves.

Pauline Rangel's smiling face passed through the hallways of the Fresno County courthouse. On the chests and in the hearts of her family and friends, Rangel lives on. But her life ended in a crash two years ago at Peach and Manning, in Fresno County.

Camargo ran a stop sign at 76 miles per hour and smashed into her vehicle. He was drunk with a blood alcohol content of 0.14. And it wasn't his first time.

Rangel's family is struggling to understand how Camargo was even driving with his history of drinking and driving.

"He had 2 DUIs prior to the one that killed my sister and the stupid court let him out in 4 days," said Sylvia Garcia, one of Rangel's 10 siblings.

Camargo never faced Rangel's family as they told the court how much they've suffered, especially on days like her birthday.

"Instead of calling her on the phone to tell her happy birthday, I had to see a poster of her at the MADD display at the fair," Garcia said.

Connie Prieto now cares for the three children her sister left behind. Prieto says they have nightmares as the date of their mother's death approaches. And she says as long as Camargo's family can still visit him, no prison sentence could match the punishment he gave them.

"My sister's kids, they're my babies now, and they can only see her in the ground," Prieto said.

Rangel's family says the woman whose image they all wore was one to forgive, and they'll try to follow her example, despite their anger.

"And though I can forgive you and my family can forgive you, we will never, never forget," Prieto said.

Camargo will be back in court in December. At that point, the 26-year-old will either get sent to prison for a sentence of 15 years to life, or he could get a new trial.

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