Fresno State students encourage healthy eating

FRESNO, Calif.

It isn't a concern on most college campuses, but with obesity rates increasing some Fresno State graduate students are fighting the fat.

The students have started a campaign to promote health and wellness on campus.

In an institution of higher learning like Fresno State, students are always grabbing bites of information, but many students admit when it comes to nutrition they don't make the grade.

Fresno State freshman Yadira Cuevas said, "well yeah, because there's so much food. There's hamburgers, fries. It's hard. I gained a couple of pounds already. It's not good."

Inside the dining hall on the Fresno State campus, the fried and fast food counters are much more popular than this expansive salad bar.

And like many students, Brad Parson went straight for the onion rings, plus a few mozzarella sticks and some stir fry.

Parson, who is a Fresno State sophomore, told us, "I think I do have a little too much fried food here, but there's not really as many options as I prefer at times, but to a degree I do care."

Some Fresno State graduate students hope to change a few habits with the HEAL program - Healthy Eating and Activity for Life. It's a program funded through a $35-thousand grant from Aetna insurance

Sarah Schuster, a dietetic intern says, "we could stay inside the health center and work on projects and work on the counseling, but we want to come out here and talk with them and get them involved and just have fun with them because eating healthy, and nutrition - it's fun."

It can be fun, but in California it's also a serious issue.

A recent study by the Central Valley Healthy Policy Institute found that 65 percent of Central Valley adults are overweight or obese. Statewide 56.2 percent are overweight.

Schuster and her team will continue to spread their message and the fight the fat around campus every month until the end of the school year.

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