Kings Co Supervisors reject high speed rail


Tuesday, Kings County supervisors adopted a resolution saying they do not want any high speed rail routes going through Kings County. Supervisors say citizens have overwhelmingly rejected the idea of high speed rail in the county. Supervisors also say the High Speed Rail Authority has either ignored or rejected all of the board's concern about the rail running through Kings County.

"It's just meeting after meeting and work after work for nothing," said Kings County Supervisor Richard Fagundes.

"I think it's time that Kings County opposes high speed rail," said Kings County Supervisor Richard Valle.

Kings County Supervisor Joe Neves said, "I just think it's time we stick a fork in it and call it good."

A unanimous vote by the Kings County Board Of Supervisors opposed any California high speed rail routes through Kings County. The decision comes after a series of emotional meetings in which residents voiced concerns that a proposed route through Hanford would hurt the community. Residents were also worried proposed routes running east and west of the town would cut through precious farmland.

In a written statement to Action News, the High Speed Rail Authority said, "The Authority will keep working with the residents of Kings County directly to make this the best project possible for California."

Despite Kings County's disapproval, the bullet train proposal will still move forward with its plans. A final route through Kings County is expected by August 2012.

Residents aren't surprised the rail authority still plans to run the train through Kings County.

"It became very obvious as time has gone on they have no intention of working with us at all," said John Tos, who owns property that will be affected by the route.

"My house would be taken -- my house and 4 neighbors' houses so all the houses on that street except one and a small business are gone," said Kings County resident Ross Browning.

The Citizens For California High Speed Rail Accountability will be holding an informational meeting about the resolution Tuesday night at 5:30pm at Brandman University in Hanford.

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