Newborn baby found dead in a Farmersville trash can


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Farmersville Police believe the baby was full term when she was born at the residence Monday but they wouldn't comment on whether they think she was born alive. They said the newborn's body was found by a person who lives at the home.

The child's mother, 23 year old Danielle Downing, also lives at the home and has been cooperating with investigators. "She was detained and we did obtain a statement from her. She was not booked, she has been released and this point we're classifying this as a suspicious death," said Farmersville Police Chief Mario Krstic.

Adding to the mystery -- neighbors told Action News they didn't even know anyone at the home was pregnant. Jose Alcazar said he gets the chills thinking about something he witnessed Monday afternoon. He said four or five adults seemed agitated as they talked in front of the home. "They were doing it real loud. They were trying to keep something to themselves. They didn't want to say something out loud for people to hear, but you could tell it was something different," said Alcazar.

Alcazar said at first, he didn't think too much about it because the police are often called to the home to break up disturbances.

Later, after learning about the baby's death Alcazar and other neighbors were left in disbelief. "In our neighborhood, nothing ever crazy like that has happened so it was really shocking that somebody could just throw away their baby or abandon it like it was just a piece of trash," said neighbor Jessica Olvera.

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