Winning coach wins $25,000 for Bullard High

FRESNO, Calif.

The school can thank one of its teachers. He hit the jackpot while out shopping.

Not only did Roy Verduzco get his name up in lights at Bullard High, the knight in shining armor brought the school a check worth $25,000.

The money seemingly falling from the sky after he used his Discover card at Sam's Club last July. Verduzco said, "You never expect it. I didn't enter a contest. I was just shopping. I had no idea this promotion was even going on."

Roy personally won $25,000 through Discover's Everyday Giveaway Sweepstakes and $25,000 for the school of his choice.

Kevin O'Donnell of Discover Financial Services said, "Roy wasn't really expecting to win and it took a little bit of convincing to convince him he actually won."

Verduzco dismissed the first letter he received. "Honestly Dale I opened it up and it says, sweepstakes and I throw it away." He didn't return phone calls either. Sam's Club representatives had to go to his home. "I honestly thought I was going to win an ipod or a cellphone."

Verduzco talked with Bullard principal Brian Beck on how best to use the school's money. Roy explained, "We want to spread it across the campus. We want to be able to have the biggest impact possible in all of our activities, athletics and different performing groups. We're hoping to squeeze as much out of it as we can."

Students applauded that plan.

It appears Roy Verduzco has the magic touch. In addition to earning his school 25-grand, Roy is also the state's winningest high school volleyball coach."

Action News was there the night coach Verduzco set the record on May 5, 2011. He has 629 victories in 28 years at Bullard.

"So many needs on campus but does the volleyball team get new uniforms? "

Verduzco anwsered, "Well I don't know, the boys have been asking. They've been asking, 'what's in it for us?'"

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