Four Weeks To Fitness: The challenge begins

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Rhonda will also be showing us some exercises that anyone can do at home.

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John Goodfellow will be hitting the weights this week -- but A.M. Live fitness expert Rhonda Murphy has him focusing heavily on nutrition.

"And that's what really important is that we make sure that he learns how to eat properly. But I do not want him hungry. If you get him hungry he's going to go out and make poor choices," said Murphy.

John's learning how to cook and eat healthy without losing the amount of food he's accustomed to consuming.

A serious car accident left Isabel Salinas with bad knees and an injured shoulder. Rhonda has given the future bride a simple workout routine she can do in the comfort of her own home.

"Because she has some knee injuries, a lot of her exercises are going to be done on the floor. And the reason being is so that we don't put a load on the knee but we're still going to work that hip, thigh, and stomach area."

This week Isabel will concentrate on easy workouts on the floor and riding her stationary bike in front of her T.V.

David Peck lives a busy lifestyle and finding quality time to workout is a challenge for him. Rhonda's plan for David consists of circuit style training that's completely different from the traditional weights he's used to.

"So we're going what they call a circuit which is upper body, lower body at the same time. And the biggest key with that is that you don't rest in between. We'll cut his weight in half, did a lot more repetitions. Lighter weight but it is intense."

You can also join our four weeks to fitness challenge by going to our website Our three participants have blogged about their experiences with Rhonda and she also has tips for you to lose weight starting today.

"You've just got to move. If you can walk a little bit more and just take it at 15 minutes at a time. Little steps are the key if you want to be successful you've got to start off nice and slow pace and take it easy," said Rhonda Murphy.

And don't forget to always drink plenty of water throughout the day.

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