Occupy Fresno Targets Superintendent Michael Hanson

FRESNO, Calif.

Occupy Fresno Spokesman Michael Becker told Action News, "His salary is somewhere in the order of $320 thousand dollars somewhere in that range that puts him in the top one half of one percent of the income structure. From the point of view of Occupy Fresno he kind of exemplifies the attitude of the top one percent. We've got it great, we're making great money, we're asking everyone else to sacrifice but they don't step up and make a sacrifice themself."

Occupy Fresno members say teachers and students have borne the brunt of budget cuts. They called on the school board to cut Hanson's pay, along with the districts other top administrators. They believe a 25% pay cut would generate $10 ten million for classrooms. Becker and others called on board members to put a pay cut on the agenda.

Becker said, "Last time, will any of you put an agenda item on the agenda to discuss an administrators across the board pay cut to put the money back in the classrooms."

Board members did not respond.

"Well, thanks for nothing." Becker concluded.

Occupy Fresno Members say they will be back, making the same demand. We asked Occupy Fresno member Anthony Benjamin if he thought the administrators would take pay cuts. He said, "Of course not, it's going to be forced on them."

Hanson, and School Board members were advised by their legal counsel that they could not respond to comments made by the public on matters not on the meeting agenda.

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