Suspect stuck between buildings after chase with Fresno Police

FRESNO, Calif.

Police say the incident began near Fresno City College with a vehicle chase. Investigators noticed the car was stolen.

After the vehicle sped off, officers caught up with the car at Blackstone and Dakota, near the Club Dakota.

The man who investigators identified as /*Samuel White*/, ran away and managed to climb the ladder of the Manchester Motel.

When police followed, he jumped onto the roof of a convenience store. Later, he attempted to jump back on the hotel roof but missed, sliding down the wall, and he became wedged between the two buildings. He was then taken into custody.

"I heard the crash," said Zachary Lewis. "And then they got out and ran through here and I guess they got on the roof."

"Unusual yes, but it's not alarming," said Lt. Jon Papaleo. "People try to hide anywhere. When people try to evade us they don't make good decisions. This case is another case where he didn't make a good decision."

White had a warrant out of Clovis for burglary and assault with a deadly weapon against an officer. Now he faces several other charges including, evading officers.

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